Our research team is exploring differences in cognitive and personality traits between individuals with autism spectrum disorder and neurotypical persons. For more information, see the Autism and Religion Project and the Special Interests Project.

2008 Summer research team for the BU Autism Research Project shares lunch and research notes on a gorgeous day on the BU campus.

Left-to-right: Wyliena Guan, visitor to our lab from Princeton University, Caitlin Murphy, UROP and Fall 09-10 work-for-distinction student, Lynn Rabson, summer intern and Fall 09 directed study student, Michaela Gaffley, SURF student from University of Miami, Chloe Jordan, UROP and Fall 09-10 lab member, and Professor Caldwell-Harris, lab director.

2009-2010 lab members include: Tessa Velazquez, Noelle Nero, Drake Chinen, Lori Schmidt, Catherine Rouseau, Da Yeon Lee, John Bark, and Jennifer Richardson.

Project updates: Caitlin Murphy and Chloe Jordan submitted abstracts of their work to the Association for Psychological Science, meeting in Boston in May 2010. Congratulations Caitlin and Chloe!


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