Current Lab Members

Catherine Caldwell-Harris

Professor Harris has been teaching at BU since 1991, after receiving her Ph.D. from UC San Diego in Cognitive Science and Psychology. You can browse her faculty webpage for more research interests or stop by her office (PSY 123) to talk.

Hui-Wen Cheng
Hui-Wen has been in BU’s Applied Linguistics program since Fall 2005. She received her master’s in Linguistics from National Chengchi University of Taiwan. She is interested in compound words, Chinese tone language linguistics, polysemy, and bilingualism.

Jimmy Tong

Jimmy received his B.A. in Psychology with an emphasis in Cognitive Science from UC Irvine and has been in BU’s Brain, Behavior, & Cognition program since Fall 2006. His research interests include emotion & bilingualism, language acquisition, affective processing, autism, and virtual environments. Please see our lab blog for a description of my dissertation project on using video games for foreign language learning.

Research Assistants

Mara Anderson

Colpan Angun

Corinne Bart

Monique Bellefleur

May Cheung

Kaori Fujita

Haneen Haddad

Kelly Hartmann

Sayuri Hayakawa

Natalie Holman

Samuel Kim

Christy Lykken

Megan Peppard

Steve Ramirez

Brenda Ventura

Samantha Rick


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