Ayse Aycicegi (now Associate Professor at Istanbul University)
Faculty page at İstanbul Üniversitesi
Alison Morris (now Assistant Professor at Iowa State University)
Faculty page at Iowa State University
Inna Ryfkin (in medical school in New York)

Henry Bley-Vroman
Henry recieved his B.A. in Linguistics and Cognitive Science with a focus in Psychology from Pomona College and his MA from Boston Univsersity. His research interests include psychopathology (schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in particular), addiction, ion transport in the brain, embodied cognition, and simulation semantics. He is currently working on some interesting joint projects with Professor Caldwell-Harris and Evelyn Rosset.
You can view some of his papers here:
The Evolving Context of the Fundamental Difference Hypothesis
Integrating the Spatial Semantics of Verbs and Prepositions

Kristina Dahlen
Kristina received her doctorate in the Applied Linguistics Program. She is interested in foreign language learning, inner speech, and the contribution of phonemic awareness to overall foreign language aptitude.
You can view some of her papers here:
Dissertation Abstracts on Linguist List
Aptitude, Rehearsal, and Skin Conductance Response in Foreign Vocabulary Learning (dissertation)

Winvy Lung received her MA from Boston University’s College of Communication. She co-authored this paper with Professor Caldwell-Harris.

Former research assistants:
Sinlan Poo
Noreen Cipriano
Ebi Poweigha
Norma Sanchez
Ximena Valdez
Dalia Lopez
Carina Wind


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